Oregon Caves National Monument

After we left the Portland area we headed down to southern Oregon (practically into California) to go to Oregon Caves National Monument.

The drive up the mountain to this cave was a long barfy trip on a very curvy road. But what makes this cave diferent from the other ones we have been in, is that it is a marble cave instead of your usual limestone cave.


The lighting in this cave was quite a bit dimmer than I am used to, plus it photographed pretty differently because it was so much more white colored. Also, I had my camera on the wrong setting for the first half of the tour and in the dark I couldn’t figure out why all of my pictures were coming out blurry 🙁 Thankfully Jeb caught this and I was still able to get some pictures.


Looks like a heart!



What we thought was the weirdest thing about this tour, was that it was a 90 minute tour, yet 30 minutes into the tour there is another natural exit out of the cave. At this point they gave people the option to either exit and be done with their tour or to continue on with the ranger. Out of 20 people only 6 of us chose to stay. WHY?! I don’t understand why you would pay for a 90 minute tour and bail after 30 minutes… do they hate caves that much?!

Also we got the last laugh because all of the prettiest and most unique rooms in the cave were after the “bail out” point, so all of those people missed it.




Still had the camera on the wrong setting so Jeb is a little blurry. Sorry!


This was my favorite spot in the cave.



Bones that the park service found down in the cave! They said they were bones from a bear that somehow fell into the cave.



The exit out from the cave.


After we took the regular cave tour we took the candlelight one. Although they did not allow us to take any pictures on this tour in the cave, it actually ended up being more fun than we thought it would be! (I was pretty pissed though about the no pictures rule…)




The really cool looking chateau building that was built here in the early 1900s. It was such a long trek up to the cave back then that people had to have a place to spend the night. It is still a hotel and a restaurant, and we ate dinner there between our 2 tours. Had really yummy cobbler!

IMG_5309 IMG_5310

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