Oneonta Gorge

After we hiked to Multnomah Falls we headed to the Oneonta Gorge. It was actually only about 2 miles away. We have seen pictures on pinterest of this gorge and knew it was a must see on our trip.


The hike to the waterfall is less than a mile but it isn’t the easiest terrain to navigate. There is no official trail instead most of the time you are just hiking through the water.


As with all of the hikes we did in Oregon, everything was so much greener and mossier than in Colorado!



First time getting into the water. It is always funny how when these hikes first start out we try so hard not to get wet and to stay on top of the rocks as much as possible. But eventually it always gets too deep and we have no choice but to get wet. At least once this happens it is much faster going, because you’ve just given in to the fact that you will be wet and cold and it is unavoidable!


Our first view of the gorge. This is always a very popular hike but since it was also 4th of July, it was probably extra crowded.



Jeb always looks so much cooler hiking from behind than I do lol. He always takes pictures of me like this but I end up deleting them every time because they are so unflattering!


Taking a look at the log jam. I’m not sure how long this has been here for but every time I’ve seen someone’s blog post about the Oneonta Gorge, they always have pictures of the log jam. It’s not the easiest thing to traverse, but it was pretty fun scrambling over it! It definitely would have been easier if we weren’t in sandals, but we didn’t want to get our boots wet.







Jeb headed into the deep part. This was the WORST part of the hike. The gorge narrows here and therefore the water is a lot deeper. For me it was up over my shoulders! It was only about 65 degrees outside that day and the water was FREEZING! Jeb wouldn’t stop long enough in the deepest part for me to take a good picture lol.



We made it to the waterfall!



Despite the fact that the water was ice cold, this one stupid kid was trying to prove to his friends that he could swim out to under the falls. He kept getting in my pictures and we had to wait a while to get ones without him ruining it!


Finally no one in my picture!


Headed back out of the gorge. At this point we were freezing and couldn’t wait to get back and put on warm dry clothes!


But we still had to go through the deep part again 🙁


This wasn’t the deepest spot in the water but I stopped long enough for a quick picture, not easy to do!




Hiking the Oneonta Gorge is definitely a must if you are near Portland! It isn’t a long hike, and you never really are that far from the road but you definitely feel like you’re in a very different world! This was kind of the short/easy Northwest version of hiking the Narrows at Zion National Park.

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