Olympic National Park

After we hiked Mt. Rainier we headed to Olympic National Park. We camped for two nights within the national park.

My favorite thing about this national park is just how much variety there is to the different types of terrain it has. We stayed in an area that is right next to a hot spring. It was pretty nice to be able to soak in a hot spring the day after hiking Mt. Rainier!

We then went over to the Hoh rainforest area. We saw a bear! Everyone was standing on the path way too close to it. Considering that its baby bear was right there too, I don’t think people should have been so close. We took a really quick picture and then headed away to put some distance between us and the bears! It was especially surprising to me that we saw it since we were on a short trail that was only probably half a mile away from the visitor center.

I love how green and lush everything is in this area! It’s weird for me to think that Washington has a rainforest, but when you see this you definitely believe it!

There was so much moss on all of the trees, and it was glowing in the sunlight.

The park also contains tall glaciated peaks, such as Mt. Olympus. It is pretty amazing that one national park can have rainforests, hot springs, glaciated peaks, and the ocean!

We didn’t spend too long in the rainforest area because we were most interested in getting to the ocean, since we don’t live in a state on the coast anymore.

At the Pacific Ocean!

You can always tell it is the Pacific Ocean because it is so rocky and there is never anyone in the water lol. Especially not this far north, it was chilly just walking on the beach!

We headed out to go tidepooling. I had never really done this before, but I ended up really enjoying it. Especially since this is a protected area of national park- there was so much pretty sea life in the water.

Jeb looking for starfish!

I really like the neon green colored sea urchins.

Finally a starfish! At first we weren’t finding any and I was getting bummed out, but then we started spotting them, and suddenly they were everywhere!

So neat how they are almost like joined together.

The orange ones were my favorite because they really stood out even from far away.

Me on the beach!

This guy is all slanty and twisty looking!

It was definitely slippery walking around through this area with (wet) sandals. And the water was FREEZING!

Looking out towards some neat rock formations.

If we had more time (and energy) I would have liked to walk further down the beach out to some of the neat rock formations. But we were not in the mood for a several mile trip down the beach!

There was so much driftwood everywhere!

After we finished up at the beach we headed to dinner at this pizza place we found. We ate an entire pizza and had a pitcher of beer. It was a great day! 🙂

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