“O” is for Old Fashioned Photos

While on our camping trip with Natalie and Bret out in Ouray, Colorado we drove over to the small town of Silverton. This is the small town that the Durango train goes up to.

We were glad to see that the place that takes old fashioned photos was still there. We had seen it before when we took the train, but we didn’t have time to have our picture taken. This time we planned ahead (and even showered lol) so that we were ready.

This place has a whole ton of outfits and a legitimate looking set for taking the pictures. They took a bunch of pictures of us and let us pick our favorite one and then make choices with the color settings. I would highly recommend this place!


We were glad that Natalie and Bret chose to have their picture taken too! Their picture was really neat but very different from ours. Love Bret’s expression lol.

photo (6)

We couldn’t scan our picture, so this is a mediocre picture of the picture, but here it is! We think it tells a pretty cool story!

photo (1)

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