North Cascades National Park

Our third and last national park that we visited on our Washington trip was North Cascades National Park.

We didn’t have much time to spend there and really we were going more for the sake of seeing how much we liked the park,and what we might want to do there on a future visit.

We camped in North Cascades National Park for our 9th and last night of camping on our trip! We were pretty excited to be staying in a hotel finally on our drive home.

Since it was our last night of camping we decided to make the most of it. We actually took time to set up the hammock and have a fire. We even made s’mores and attempted to use one of those funky camp fire popcorn things they sell in the camping stores (though we ended up with about half burnt and have unpopped popcorn… it was still fun trying it out).

Diablo lake at North Cascades is so pretty! I absolutely love the turquoise color of it. Plus one thing that is neat about the North Cascades is just how impressive and jagged all of the snow capped (year round) peaks are.

The weird thing for us that we discovered on this trip was that it was almost never as cold at places as we had expected them to be. We are kind of used to Colorado where year round when you go into the mountains you are often camping above 10,000 feet and therefore it gets very cold, especially at night, even in mid July. I don’t know if it’s because most of the elevations in Washington are a lot lower, but we ended up being hot a lot of this trip.

It’s also a lot more humid there than Colorado. Not least east coast humid, but still worse than what we are used to.

Since we didn’t have much time here we mostly just did the scenic drive and took pictures at a few different overlooks.

But even in the short amount of time we spent here we enjoyed it and know for sure that we want to come back someday and spend a lot more time doing some hikes in the park.

There are a whole bunch of glaciated peaks in the North Cascades, so I’m pretty sure we will be back someday for a more serious mountaineering adventure! I can’t wait!

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