North Carolina Waterfalls

We also made time on our trip to stop and see some really neat waterfalls. I had heard of the Pisgah National Forest before, which is nicknamed the Waterfall National Forest, so I knew it would be worth the stop! Also, fun fact, several parts of the first Hunger Games movie were filmed right here in this area. Some of the waterfalls we went to were actual filming locations.

After we went to the North Carolina high point we headed towards the South Carolina high point, with a waterfall detour along the way!

We were fortunate that all of these waterfalls were very easily accessible so we could see several falls in a short time. Normally I prefer hiking to a waterfall and having the falls be the reward for the hike, but since we were short on time it was better this way!

The first falls that we went to was Looking Glass Falls.

We then headed to DuPont State Forest, State Park. This park features so many different waterfalls in a small area.

This waterfall is Triple Falls. It was hard to get all of it in a picture because it was so spread out! I think this picture shows the 3 main sections of it, though I was never entirely sure because to me it seemed like it had more than 3 sections! lol.

After this waterfall we headed up to High Falls. These short little hikes were plenty easy but thanks to the humidity and how sweaty we are in these pictures you would have thought we worked really hard to get to them!

I saw online that in the area they offer romantic weekend packages to stay in the Asheville area and then these include waterfall tours and wineries. If I lived in the area this would be something fun to do!

Us in front of upper falls.

Our final waterfall was Hooker falls. There were people swimming in this one. If it had been a little bit hotter I think I would have definitely gone for that!

Another highlight of this day was that I finally got to try boiled peanuts! Jeb had been telling me for years how much he liked them. We saw a place on the side of the road at the last second and Jeb basically slammed on the brakes in order to stop in time!

By the end I learned how to pop these open super efficiently. I confessed later to Jeb that my motivation was that the faster I opened them the more I could eat before we ran out! So delicious, I wish we had been able to find them again on that trip.

The waterfall national forest proved to be a pretty and fun break in between almost non-stop high points and National Parks!

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