Niagara Falls

Jeb and I decided to go on a short weekend getaway to Niagara Falls as a fun summer trip in 2013. My dad and Ning were going to and so was Natalie and Bret, so we decided to meet them all up there!

We had read online that there is this neat area called Niagara on the lake where there are a ton of wineries near Niagara Falls that are all really close together. We brought our bikes up there and we rode around to a bunch of the different wineries. It was a beautiful day and a really pretty location and we had a ton of fun doing this. We also got to try their special local kind of wine- ice wine.

There are also a ton of bed and breakfasts in the area. Someday we would like to go back again and stay in one of them and visit more wineries.

We didn’t pay a lot of money like the rest of my family for our hotel so we didn’t have one where you could see the falls or anything. The best part of our hotel though was that it was right next to a cereal factory. It smelled so good! It consistently smelled like toasted cooked cereal, it made us so hungry! lol.

Most of the rest of the pictures in this post, the credit goes to my dad for taking them, I am just borrowing them! Here are some of my favorite pictures of the falls that my dad took.

We met up with my family later that evening to eat dinner at the top of this building. There is a restaurant at the top of the tower that overlooks the falls and rotates slowly while you eat. I LOVE these kind of places. Everytime I’m in a city with a rotating high up restaurant I always want to go!

Jeb and I dressed up for dinner and enjoying the view!

I always enjoy pictures like this of us, because it is a little bit rare to find pictures of us where we are actually dressed up and looking nice! LOL.

After dinner we went outside and took a few more pictures on the observation deck area.

A little orange in the lighting lol…

One of the exciting things about this trip was that Natalie and Bret got engaged! It was fun being there to be able to celebrate with them. 🙂

After dinner we headed over to take a few pictures in front of the falls at night. Good thing my dad was there with all of his camera gear and skills, because nighttime pictures in front of the falls aren’t easy!

I love how they light the falls up at night and the colors even change!

These are some of those silly green screen pictures that companies always take of your group before you do whatever the activity is.

The next day we all met up again to do the maid of the mist boat ride before. I have been to Niagara falls before but this was my first time riding the Maid of the Mist, so I was very excited.

I already had my hood on and was ready to go, just in case… lol. Blue smurfs!

Us on the boat! You really do need to the ponchos! It is very wet and loud the closer that you get to the falls.

We had a really fantastic trip at Niagara Falls, with each other and with my family! Our bike riding winery adventure was one of the most fun days we have ever had together! 🙂


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