New House: Halloween

In September of 2015 Jeb and I bought our first house together. However, we were so busy with moving in and unpacking that it wasn’t until Halloween when we finally got around to taking some pictures of it.


We got really into Halloween decorating because for the first time we actually had a house to decorate. For some reason our neighborhood gets really into Halloween (which we like), so even with all this stuff there were so many houses with way more decorating than us. I guess it’s not a contest 😉 but still.


We really liked our front door setup. The “Help Us” thing is creepy lol.


Night time picture of our lights. The lights over the garage are actually purple and orange, Halloween colors, but in this picture they kind of look pink. Next year we would like to have more stuff for in the windows in order to make that part of the house more lit up as well. You can never have too many decorations!


Lit up skeleton coming out of our graveyard.


I wish we had more of these eyes for the bushes!


The “Help Us” thing is even creepier at night!


We also had a small Halloween get together that Jeb and I got really into making themed treats for it. You can’t tell in this picture but these cupcakes were candy corn cupcakes. So they had three different layers with the different candy corn colors.

photo (1)

Graveyard pudding cups, love these things! Jeb did all of the tombstone decorating. He got really into looking up funny sayings for them. Read them, they’re awesome!

photo (2)

Homemade pumpkin pie!

photo (3)

It’s the ghost guy from the Nightmare Before Christmas! It looked better before it sat in the sun and started to wilt lol. I drew the pattern for it and then Jeb carved it. Yay team work! We like carving pumpkins together but we don’t attempt any of the super complex stuff that you see other people do online. We don’t have the skills or the patience for that!

photo (4)

Our kitchen table setup. I made these things out of wine bottles, painted them and decorated them to be pumpkin, ghost, and Frankenstein. We also have a really awesome reversible table runner (we have one of these now for basically every holiday!).


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and it was extra special now that we have a house! We love to decorate and I love doing new fun craft projects every year. Can’t wait for next Halloween!

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