Jeb and I ended up in Nashville, Tennessee because it is only about an hour away from Mammoth Cave National Park. We decided to check out the city and also see what good food and drinks it has to offer!

We decided to take a distillery tour of the Corsair Distillery. The tour was decent, and they gave a lot of samples at the end, so we appreciated this aspect.

I always love the look of all of the barrels. In our dream mountain house we would have furniture like end tables made out of old whiskey barrels, because that style of furniture always looks so neat!

Our overall conclusion of this distillery was that it was just way too expensive. So we enjoyed the time we spent here, but we didn’t end up buying any to take back with us.

Our other “goal” for Nashville was to try their famous hot chicken. We went to a place called Party Fowl. It ended up being so delicious! Prior to this I basically thought all fried chicken tasted basically the same, but this completely changed my opinion, because it was so much better than any chicken I’ve ever had before.

Nashville, in my opinion, is a really weird city… I kept calling it redneck Las Vegas. I don’t know if it is always this way or just because it was a holiday weekend, but it was nuts downtown. In our short time there we saw tons of trashed people, witnessed a pretty extreme physical fight that lasted until the cops arrived, and saw more country music bars than we could count!

We did think that this building was really neat, and it had a nice park around it that was pretty. Also this is a full size replica of the one in Greece, which seemed really random to me… but definitely impressive!

This was my “Nashville outfit” lol. It was the closest thing I had that I thought was semi country looking…

Ever since we moved to Colorado we aren’t in humidity very much at all anymore. This trip was definitely a tough reminder to us of just how miserable humidity can be! Especially when you are camping and showers aren’t always an option…

We also walked past the Country Music Hall of Fame. Pretty cool looking building!

Tennessee Titans stadium.

Looking down one of the main downtown streets through Nashville.

This is definitely NOT my city haha. Way too many drunk sorority girls and frat boys everywhere! Plus I’m not fan of country music. However, we did like the food and drinks, and we always have a good time exploring a new city together! 🙂

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