Mt. Rogers

So despite the fact that I have lived in Virginia for the majority of my life, we had still not completed the Virginia high point, Mt. Rogers before. The high point is in a state park in Virginia out kind of near Bristol, so no where near northern Virginia, and really not even that close to Virginia Tech.

The best and most unique part about this park is that it has wild ponies in it! I had thought the wild ponies would be one of those things were despite how badly you try to see one, you never end up finding one. I was so wrong!

We saw so many ponies, it was awesome! They were absolutely adorable! You aren’t supposed to interact with them, but they are so friendly and they just come right up to you.

This gives you an idea of their size. Even Jeb (after a little while) wasn’t afraid of them! I read online that there are supposedly around 150 of them in the park. But if that is the case then I swear we probably saw the majority of the population because we saw so many!

This was as close as Jeb was willing to get to them at first lol.

This was my favorite category of high points. The ones where you think it will be just ok and you end up LOVING it! The ponies were adorable, and the views were really pretty! It felt like we were in Scotland or something more than it felt like being in Virginia. Everything was so green and mixed with the rocks it was really beautiful.

This one was so close to the trail that Jeb had no choice but to be close to it!

They look like they are posing for the picture. 🙂

The hike ended up being by far the longest of our east coast trip, at 9 miles and 1500 feet of gain. But this still ended up feeling like a pretty quick and easy hike for us.

Even though it was a little overcast we still saw some great views!

The trail also overlaps quite a bit with the Appalachian trail. We enjoyed being back on one of our most sentimental trails, as well as seeing lots of through hikers well along their journey to Katahdin.

The hike then heads deeper into the trees.

The actual “summit” isn’t at an overlook and doesn’t even necessarily feel like it’s at the top of anything in particular, but it was still neat.

At the top of Virginia, my home state!

In a way both of our “home” states, since Jeb was actually born in Virginia.

This was definitely one of the chilliest places on our trip, but still pretty humid!

We then hurried to get down before dark and to set up our campsite at the park. The whole state park is really pretty and I’m glad we got to experience it. This is definitely towards the top of my list for favorite high points!

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