Mt. Mitchell

Another high point that we got on our southeast trip, was the North Carolina high point, Mt. Mitchell.

The unique thing about this high point is that it is the highest point east of the Mississippi River.

Unfortunately this high point is notorious for its bad cloudy weather, and our day there was no exception.

I enjoyed this high point because in order to get to it you end up driving almost 40 miles on the blue ridge parkway, a very scenic road. Unfortunately despite being from Virginia, this is an area I definitely didn’t appreciate or take advantage of enough until after we moved.

The irony was that it was actually a sunny day the entire drive we did, until we turned off the blue ridge parkway and entered the state park. Once we started ascending to the high point, it pretty rapidly became very overcast.

This was pretty much the same as our view from the high point of New Hampshire, Mt. Washington! This trip definitely make us realize how much we take for granted our 300+ days of sunshine that we have in Colorado!

Chilly and windy at this summit!

It’s funny to me how many of the east coast high points have physical man-made structures at the top of them. Maybe it’s because the high points themselves are less distinct, so they felt the need to build them up more?

I was thankful for the gift shop though because we got a Christmas ornament. We bought so many Christmas ornaments (our souvenir or choice from everywhere we go) on this trip! 🙂

Too bad we didn’t get a sunnier day with a view, but a high point nonetheless!


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