Mt. Evans: 14,265 Feet

We finally got a chance to hike Mt. Evans this past weekend. We see Mt. Evans all the time so it was about time we finally got around to hiking it!


My sister Natalie actually decided she wanted to do it with us. We were so excited that we saw mountain goats because she had never seen one before.


We ended up seeing over 30 mountain goats! They are so cute because they look like they are always smiling!


Natalie with the goats in the background!


This whole group of mountain goats was headed down the mountain towards us.


Behind these two goats is Mt. Bierstadt. Bierstadt was our very first 14er, so it was kind of neat to get this close of a look at it again. You can actually do Evans and Bierstadt in the same day, but I’m glad we did them separately, because they are actually pretty far apart.


These were my favorite goats we saw, they were all by themselves as just one little family unit. Mommy goat, daddy goat, and baby goat!


The daddy goat was leading the way and making sure they were all safe!



He had a collar on so the forest service must be studying him or something. Or he is actually someone’s pet goat 🙂




Mt. Evans was kind of a weird 14er. Normally the 14ers are flatter at first and get continuously steeper, until the top where they are very steep and just loose rocks and scree. Evans was different. Instead we did most of the up right away and then you spend a LONG time above 14,000 feet basically skirting the edge of the summit ridge.


As a result I got a super bad headache because we were probably above 14,000 feet for over 3 hours.


Another strange thing about Evans is that since there is a road all the way to the top, the summit has so many people on it! It’s weird to see people in flip flops, shorts, dresses, etc. on the top of a 14er lol.


We were a little spoiled after doing Sneffels, because Sneffels had so many wildflowers and just an amazing view from the summit. Evans is pretty but in our opinion not one of the prettiest. Still, it’s always cool to be up that high and always feels like a big accomplishment!


Natalie did well, and successfully completed her first 14er! For Jeb and I, Evans brought us to double digits, number 10!


Natalie with her new wind-proof jacket, works well for 14ers!


Natalie said she wasn’t even that sore the next day. Sounds to me like she is ready for an even tougher 14er then next time!



We didn’t even have to take a selfie! lol.


Afterwards we celebrated at Beau Jo’s, Colorado pizza! It was delicious, we even got dessert!

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