Mt. Democrat: 14,178 Feet

We set out to hike the 4 pack of 14ers out near Alma, Colorado: Lincoln, Cameron, Democrat and Bross. The weather started out looking decent but not great.


Then it continued to get darker and cloudier as the day went on, and as we got higher up. We had started early but apparently it didn’t make a difference that day, because by 10am the storms were already rolling in.


You start these 14ers at 12,000 feet so it isn’t a ton of gain to get to the top of any of them. However if you did all 4 in the same day it definitely adds up just because of the extra up and down you do by connecting them. However, the weather this day did not allow for doing them as a 4 pack!


We made it to the top of Democrat in a complete fog in amongst the dark stormy clouds. It was cold and started to rain soon after. We didn’t linger long on the summit because of this. Plus as you can tell there really wasn’t much to see!


We had to settle for just getting Mt. Democrat this day but we knew we would be coming back to try for the remaining 14ers.


Even if the weather hadn’t been kinda sketchy, even if we had continued on to the other three, all of our pictures would have looked exactly the same on the summits!


It doesn’t look like there were other people up there but there were. So at least we were able to get a picture of the two of us!


There might be 300+ days of sunshine in Colorado, but this was not one of them! haha.

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