Mt. Bierstadt: 14,065 Feet

We finally (after 3 months of living in Colorado) set out to tackle our first 14er. We chose Mt. Bierstadt because we read online it was one of the “easy” ones.

IMG_1384  IMG_1386

I guess it is all relative when it comes to defining the difficulty of something, but this wasn’t “easy” for me! It started out not bad at all, but got steeper the further you went.



Getting passed by people 50 years older than I am is something I have had to get accustomed to in Colorado.


From here on out it just got steeper, looser, and harder to breathe. We had never been this high before (except driving up in a car).


Above 14,000 feet it is not easy to breathe. For me, my first time at least, I was even slurring my speech this high and I felt as if I were drunk or something!

IMG_1392  IMG_1393

Us at the top of our first ever 14er. Felt super accomplished and proud of ourselves. We had at least survived the “easy” mountain.



Can you tell it was a lot colder and windier up there!?


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