Mount Sunflower

After doing the Oklahoma high point we had caught the high point bug! At this point within a period of a little over a month we did Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas. Though it helped that all of these were relatively close and easy high points!

After having done the Nebraska high point drive we dreaded the idea of more unpaved crappy roads. As we made a turn I said to Jeb “yay this road is paved, every mile that we drive on a paved road is one less on an unpaved road!” 15 seconds later… the road switched to being unpaved… It ended up taking us 1 hour to go the 25 unpaved miles.

It was also amusing to us because we were in “waving territory”, where every car (not that many) that we passed proceeded to wave as if they knew us. This was another high point with a mailbox for storing the registry. At least it keeps it dry and intact and is easy to find!

When we arrived at the Kansas high point we confirmed our suspicions that Mount sunflower is not a mountain… and to go even further, Mount Sunflower also does not have any sunflowers
We knew from the high point book we had read, that there would be a pile of random metal stuff marking this high point. This was still there but seemed to be different stuff, so someone must go out there and change it out for some reason!

This was the quietest summit thus so far. No wind, no noise, and no people as far as we could see.

Driving away we were talking about how we want to make a book of all of our high points when we are done. I said that I hope the book doesn’t just look like a depressing story of human aging… since we were 22 and 24 when we did our first high point (and probably much older when we finish this quest) lol!

Another “summit” all to ourselves, called for another selfie!

At one point on the drive back Jeb slammed on the brakes and came to a complete stop, so that we could see… what turned out to be a dead snake lol.

Kansas High Point Lessons Learned: you don’t have to be in a 3rd world country to have unsafe drinking water (full version of our high point story explains this comment), and we’re on pace to finish high pointing in a total of 10 years! (when I’m 32).

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