Mount Davis

On March 3rd 2014 Jeb and I got our 3rd high point. It has been a while since we had done any, so we were excited to get back into it. We thought this would be a really easy one, but it turned out to be a little more difficult. The road to the “summit” had a sign that said “no winter maintenance”. It was therefore definitely impassible in a car, with deep snow on it.

Since we had came from Maryland where there was no snow, we were wearing tennis shoes. This was not ideal for deep snow! Some of the time we could stay on top of the snow, but every little bit we would punch through. This provided to be a slow, wet, and tiring process despite it only being a mile away!

On the way there we had some weird experiences in that we saw a ton of Amish people. We even saw these two younger boys that were riding around in a buggy.

My favorite part of Mount Davis was that it has this observation tower that you can go up in and look around. Despite the fact that the view was not spectacular, at least it gave us a view, otherwise down below you wouldn’t even know you are on a “mountain” lol.

The only other people we saw on the way to the high point (once we left the car) were these two guys riding snowmobiles. I guess 1 mile was too far for them to walk!

We couldn’t find a register at this highpoint like there usually is. It might have been buried under snow causing us to not see it. But we definitely looked!

On the way back we passed this guy and his girlfriend that attempted to drive to it with their SUV. I don’t care if you have 4 wheel drive, it doesn’t help you get through deep snow! Needless to say, they were stuck. They tried using rugs and a tree log to get traction, as well as pushing from both sides and both directions but nothing worked. After several failed attempts to push them out we eventually gave up and instead we drove them to town to where they could call for a tow truck, since there wasn’t any service at Mount Davis.

We had wanted to also go to the Maryland high point and get it down that day as well, but thanks to the big delay with the stuck people, we ran out of time.

Each time we accomplish a high point we try to come up with a “Lesson Learned”. This is our one for the Pennsylvania high point: : It doesn’t matter which high point you’re doing- bring hiking boots because you never know what to expect, don’t judge the adventure by how many miles the hike is, 4 wheel drive is not always enough, and Pennsylvania is still a really weird place!


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