Monument Valley

Monument Valley is probably one of the most iconic places in the American Southwest. It has been made famous by being shown in so many different movies for decades.

It was barely out of our way on our drive back from Phoenix, so we decided to check it out. We decided not to pay the $20 to enter the tribal land and do the official scenic drive.

Instead we felt like we were able to get pretty good views, and see the famous spots just from the main highway that goes through the area.

The monument straddles the Utah and Arizona border.

We were extremely disappointed to see that since the actual monument is on Indian reservation the people there have been allowed to build properties and “develop” areas all around the monument. It was actually hard to get pictures without shacks and tons of trash in the shot…

We were glad to visit this area now, especially since it does not seem to be taken care of or preserved for the future very well.

At one point we came up over a hill and saw that there were a ton of people in the road. The people were taking pictures of themselves doing handstands in the middle of the highway in order to get the iconic rocks in the background. Doesn’t sound worth the risk to me, but I guess they got a pretty cool picture!

It might not look like it in the pictures, but we were surprised when we got out of the car for pictures and it was actually pretty cold. I guess it is still at a pretty high elevation.

We might not be doing handstands (though I totally could have still done one!) but at least we got a selfie!

Definitely worth the little bit of extra miles to stop and see the iconic Monument Valley. Did you know it is in movies such as: Forest Gump, Mission Impossible II, 2001 Space Odyssey, and Transformers?

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