Monterey, California

After going to Sequoia National Park we took a short break from national parks to got to the town of Monterey. We weren’t originally planning to go here but we ended up with some extra time. Since so much of Sequoia and Kings Canyon wasn’t open in the winter, we spent less time there.

I had never been to Monterey (at least not that I remembered- I might have been there when I was really little. We stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance of the main downtown areas. After a MUCH needed shower we headed over to the by water.

We decided to head out to the fisherman’s wharf pier area. We were really excited to have some good seafood. Never in my life have I had so many people offering me dozens of samples of clam chowder! There are dozens of seafood restaurants on the pier and even others in different areas of the town, and every single place we saw had someone outside the restaurant offering samples of their clam chowder. We were so hungry that we ate right away, but you probably could have just made a meal out of going from one place to another sampling their clam chowder for free. As a clam chowder lover, this was awesome!

We also stepped into an olive oil store in the downtown area. Never before have I seen so many different types of olive oil! We sampled a few but we were too full to try many of them! We don’t really use olive oil, otherwise I probably would have wanted to buy one. I know people say that pure olive oil can be good for you, but we try to stay away from oils and fats.

We walked several miles along the water. As people that live in Colorado, we are always excited to see the ocean, since we don’t see it nearly as much as we used to when we lived on the east coast!

Squinty selfie!

Looking back on the pier where we had gone for dinner. I like that it has kind of a rainbow colored look to it.

We saw a few seals laying out on the rocks. Jeb was really excited to see them!

Although this was nothing compared to the number of sea lions we saw on pier 39 in California, it is still really neat to see them somewhere where you are sort of less expecting to see them.

The next day we drove along a section of the coast and stopped at a few places to walk out by the water and take some pictures.

The waves that day were super powerful! As someone with very little ocean experience, I always get nervous on rocks that are fairly close to huge crashing waves!

There were a bunch of people out surfing that day. I hope they had really warm wetsuits, because I was cold and I wasn’t in the water. And I know that water is NOT warm! It was fun watching them surf though.

We saw so many seals in the water here! Using Jeb’s binoculars we were able to get a pretty close up view of them.

Our stop in Monterey ended up being a fun unplanned part of our trip! It was definitely a cool place to visit and a good break from the camping and national parks.

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