McAfee Knob

As a Virginia Tech student, it is pretty much a requirement to hike McAfee’s Knob. I didn’t actually get around to doing it until after I graduated, but I still ended up hiking it! Part of the problem is I didn’t meet my true hiking partner until right before my last semester of school! We ended up going down to visit Natalie in narrows for a weekend to see her marching band compete, so this ended up being a good opportunity to do the hike.

This hike also happens to be the most photographed place on the entire Appalachian trail, so this is also part of its claim to fame. Not to mention it is just a really neat place!

Notice how I am not standing on the very edge lol. Lots of people take pictures sitting on the edge with their legs dangling off the edge, but nope not for me, this was close enough!

Haha I’m pretty sure Jeb is even less close to the edge. This was a rare moment to get a picture on the summit all to yourself. Since it’s such an iconic hike, the trail was packed. We shared the summit with basically an entire bus load of Asian guys. And they REALLY like selfies lol.

Close up of Jeb.

We didn’t end up getting a picture of both of us out there, but at least we took a selfie!

Someday I’m sure we will be back because we plan to through hike the entire Appalachian trail.

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