“M” is for Macaron

For our “M” date (the one that we had skipped), we went to Stem Ciders in Denver for a cider and Macaron pairing. They have these the 3rd Tuesday of every month, so we waited and did a few alphabet dates out of order! For $20 you get 4 cider pours paired with 4 macarons.


Here is what the lineup was for the pairings. (the first thing is the macaron flavor, and the second thing is the cider). Each pairing was so good, it is hard to pick a favorite! But if I had to I would say the 2nd one was my favorite. I love cream cheese fillings, and whiskey barrel aged ciders are always my favorite kind.


We sat outside first until the storm that was coming in got way too strong and it started raining pretty hard on us. We had to grab our pairings and run inside!


We went with two of Jeb’s friends from work. They were more reasonable and shared their cider and macaron pairing. But Jeb and I don’t share well so we each had to have our own lol. Afterall those cookies are so small! They also had boxes of macarons that you could buy and take home. We didn’t want to spend any more money (or have more calories), but I would have been curious to know what the green one was!


On their other Tuesday’s they do different food and cider pairings. One Tuesday is chocolate and cider, one is pie and cider, and the other one is cheese and cider! I kind of want to go to all of these, they sound delicious! Definitely not very healthy though lol.

When we first got there and got our macarons. Jeb said they didn’t look at all like what he was expecting them to look like. I was confused because they looked exactly what I expected them to look like. We later figured out the source of our confusion once we got home and did some googling. What we had were macarons. What Jeb was was thinking of were macaroons (note the different spelling). It turns out they aren’t just different spellings/pronunciations for the same thing.

         These are macaroons:                                          These are macarons: 

download            Macarons_001


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