Lava Tube Caving in Iceland

With my love of caves it was a must that we go lava tube caving. The sky in the picture below is what it looked like most days we were in Iceland. Occasionally we would see a slightly brighter sky, but for 10 days we did not once see the sun as an actual round object in the sky!


This was the coldest Jeb was on the entire trip. For me it was the second coldest I ever was. It was really cool to see the contrast between the black lava fields and the white everything else.


Every time we took a picture I would tell Jeb that he needed to at least pull down whatever was over his mouth so that you could at least see that he was smiling. So you know it must have been cold here because even my face is completely covered up!


Headed down into the cave. I think there were probably smaller caves like this one all over the place out there, you would just need to know where to look.


It was kind of a controlled falling in order to slide down into the cave.


For once we were headed into a lava tube cave where it was actually way warmer inside the cave than outside of it.


Jeb was still freezing lol.


Looking back up towards where we came in. It almost looked like if it snowed too much while we were inside, we would never be able to get back out! Or at least not without some serious digging.


Kind of like a stalagmite, weird lava rock formation.


Cold enough still for huge icicles!



Trying not to hit any of the icicles as I crawled through this tight space.


Obligatory cave selfie! We have gotten better at it. Jeb turns off his headlamp, I take mine off, keep it on and shine it at our faces, and then Jeb takes the picture. Now I just need to get a little better at shining the light equally on both of our faces.


About to head into the long really low tunnel. They told us they highly discouraged bringing packs into the cave. Jeb didn’t want to bring them. I insisted because otherwise I couldn’t bring our good camera, and without the good one we might as well not even take pictures. So I stubbornly brought it. I definitely suffered through this area as it was so low of a ceiling I couldn’t keep the pack on. I had to shuffle through on my hands, knees, and stomach (without knee pads), while dragging the pack along the side of me.




Really weird looking rocks.


My assessment of this excursion was: they made us wait way too long outside in the freezing cold before going into the cave, and they should have given us knee pads, but other than this we really enjoyed going into the cave. It was also worth it to see the area outside the cave with such vast lava fields popping out of the snow.

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