Laura’s Wedding

At the end of our east coast trip, I flew back from Atlanta to Denver in order to go back to work. Jeb stayed out on the east coast in order to visit his mom, and to save some money on flights. One week later I flew into Dulles to go to Laura’s wedding and we were back together 🙂

We spent one night in Northern Virginia at my dad’s house to visit with him, and then early the next morning we drove down to Williamsburg. Traffic was horrendous, so sadly we didn’t have time to go to the Williamsburg winery that we love. 🙁

We attended the wedding with my mom and Steve, and unfortunately Natalie couldn’t make it. Good thing my mom and Steve were there because we didn’t really know anyone else!

The ceremony was at a church in Williamsburg and the reception was at a hotel in Norfolk.

Thanks to training for Mt. Rainier, we were actually in pretty good shape when we went to the wedding!

We ended up being seated at a pretty fun table at the reception and we had a good time! Jeb and I were supposed to run in the morning at like 5am, but thanks to the open bar of wine/beer, we did not get up in time!

Me with the bride! Friends since we were 12 years old!

After Laura came all the way out to Colorado for our wedding, we were glad we could make it to hers! 🙂

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