Las Vegas

We decided to meet up with my mom and Steve in Las Vegas. We were planning to do the Nevada high point before meeting them, but a combination of factors contributed to that not working out (having to leave home later than planned, weather, and not being able to make it all the way to the trailhead due to the roughness of the road).

Fortunately we still had these plans of going to Vegas with my mom and Steve, that made the trip still fun and worthwhile. For my mom it is only around 4 hours to get to Vegas, so not a bad drive at all.

We stayed at a hotel a few blocks off of the strip (because it was a lot cheaper) and then walked into the downtown area. We wanted to try out one of the semi famous Vegas buffets, so we ate at the Flamingo casino. It was pretty expensive, fortunately the food was pretty good and it included unlimited beer, wine, and sangria! We also saw that Vegas now has buffet passes that you can buy. If you are going to spend all your time on the strip they actually end up being a decent deal, but I’m not sure about doing buffets three times a day! Then again, as my mom pointed out, that’s exactly what you do when you go on a cruise!

After dinner we walked around and saw the flamingos outside, saw several of the famous hotels, including the gondolas at the Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, and the curved escalator that one of the hotels has. I haven’t been to Vegas since I was really young, so this was the first time I really remembered being there.

The only place we really didn’t make it to, was to go down to the Luxor and see the pyramid (this was the hotel we stayed in when I was young).

Vegas is definitely an interesting place… lots of strange people and weird things going on! This one guy came up to us and started doing magic tricks for us. It was pretty cool, but then he definitely wanted money, and none of us wanted to give him any, because it wasn’t like we asked for him to come up and do magic tricks for us!

We then headed over to see the famous volcano eruption thing. Good thing we got there early, because once the volcano starts “erupting” it gets super crowded.

I do enjoy the aspect that you can actually walk around and just see a lot of pretty neat things without spending a ton of money (if you want to) because there are all of these free attractions.

Later we went and saw the fountain show out in front of the Bellagio casino.

After we were all done walking around we went to a Cirque du Soleil show. We ended up being pretty bummed out because between myself, Jeb, and my mom – we have been to several Cirque du Soleil shows before and we all felt like this one was not nearly as good, and yet it cost more money than the other shows we had been to.

Inside the bellagio is this really neat botanical gardens area. I think this was actually my favorite area of all of the over the top casino attractions.

When we were in there Jeb and I instantly noticed that the glass blown art that was in there was the work of Chihuly. Having been to the Chihuly glass display at the Denver Botanical Gardens, and his whole museum out in Seattle, we would recognize his colorful, elaborate, and beautiful works of art anywhere!

While we were in this area we saw some guy even propose to his girlfriend. I would hate a public proposal, and definitely wouldn’t want to be proposed to in Vegas… but at least as far as Vegas goes, this is probably the prettiest area!

The neatest part about this botanical garden is that they completely change the display with each season. I would have loved to see what this area looks like in the winter around Christmas time!

It was a short trip in Vegas but I think we all had a good time!

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