“L” is for Lake Day

For “L” we decided to spend the day at a lake. We went to Bear Creek Lake Park, only 10 minutes from our house. My sister Natalie, her husband Bret, and their baby Aurora joined us as well!

We love this park because there is a lot to do: a swim beach, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, bike trails, picnicking, archery range, volleyball courts and more!


We lucked out with a really beautiful day, but definitely a hot one- 97 degrees. For once the frigid water of a Colorado Lake actually felt good!


Since I was still recovering from the really bad cold I got starting in Oregon, we mostly just ate, swam, and walked around, but it was still fun.


Jeb and I offered to babysit Aurora for a little while so that Natalie and Bret could go ride their bikes. Apparently babies aren’t allowed on bikes until they are 1 year old. This was our first time alone with her for a decent amount of time. We were a little nervous! But I think we did a pretty good job 🙂 By the time we have kids we will be pros at this!


She sure is a cutie!


Fun time at the lake! Next time I really want to go to one of the Colorado lakes that has pontoon boat rentals.

2 thoughts on ““L” is for Lake Day

  1. Sherry Brako

    I love the lake photos ! She is a cutie!!
    Jeb I like your blue sunglasses. You all look really good! Can’t wait to see you guys in several months!!

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