Kings Canyon National Park

Our next stop on our trip was at Kings Canyon National Park. Unfortunately we ended up with really crappy weather there.

At some parts of the drive in the park it was so foggy that you could barely see to drive. So when it cleared up to even this much I was thrilled to at least be able to take some pictures.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon are counted as separate national parks, but they actually border each other. There is a road that connects the two parts. We were unprepared for how much it would still be winter up here.

Most of the park roads were still closed for the winter, so we couldn’t go on the Kings Canyon scenic byway or do some of the other hikes that we had hoped to do.

Fortunately we at least still got to see REALLY BIG TREES! Unfortunately, since we couldn’t access as many different areas of the park- my pictures for Sequoia and Kings Canyon ended up looking pretty similar.

You can’t really tell just how big these trees are until you put people into the pictures to give it perspective!

There was an old fallen tree that is so large you can actually walk through it.

Jeb headed into the massive tree.

How often can you get a selfie from inside a tree?!

Although I would have much preferred a clear sunny day for pictures, I do like how they pictures have kind of a creepy ominous look to them.

I didn’t realize until we read a sign that showed what young sequoia trees look like, that all the trees that look like the one in the picture below are just younger sequoias.

Kings Canyon has the second largest tree in the world, which is the General Grant tree (in the picture below).

I liked how the benches on the trail were made out of the fallen trees!

We camped later that night at Sequoia National Park. Thankfully our campground was a lot lower in elevation, otherwise we would have been very cold! As it was it rained quite a bit.

There was a lot of really bright green moss on the trees that was pretty.

Looking up the General Grant tree.

It was hard to photograph these trees because they were so tall I couldn’t ever even get the whole tree to fit in a picture!

We definitely need to, and plan to go back to Kings Canyon National Park because there was so much there that we couldn’t see because it was winter. Someday we will be back to hike on the high sierra trail, hike Mt Whitney (the California high point) and to go to the caves that are in the park! Regardless we still enjoyed this small preview of Kings Canyon.


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