Kayaking Antelope Canyon

When Jeb and I went on our Arizona spring break trip in 2016, we stopped at Lake Powell. We basically fell in love with how beautiful it is!

On that trip we rented stand up paddle boards to ride on the lake. Unfortunately it was super windy that day and the waves were so big that we had to sit the whole time. Needless to say we didn’t make it very far!

So we knew we wanted to come back again and instead rent kayaks so that we could travel a lot faster and further.

I now personally thing kayaks are always the way to go on Lake Powell because there are so many boats on the lake making pretty large wakes- that it ends up having pretty decent size waves there even when it isn’t windy.

This time we headed out to Antelope Canyon and knew we wouldn’t have a problem getting there, especially in a tandem kayak!

The color of the water here is so pretty. And with the reddish color of the canyon walls, it makes for some pretty spectacular scenery.

As you head further into the canyon, the walls keep getting closer and closer together.

Unfortunately too many boats still try to head back this way.. I very much think that the entire antelope canyon should be non-motorized boats only. We saw too many boats breaking the “no wake” rule, and we saw some really stupid ones that went into the canyon way too far to where they got kinda stuck and had to go in reverse to get out, because it was too tight to turn around… Come on lazy people… get into a kayak and explore the canyon that way! 🙂

Looking forward towards the narrow area we were heading into.

The sparkly water is so pretty!

Kayaking selfie!

See below for an example of a stupid boat…

We’ve reached the end of the canyon (well the water part of it)! Normally I think the water level is lower so you can actually get out at the end on a little beach area and hike into the canyon further. But this time we couldn’t get the boat through back there and the water at the end here was pretty gross… so we didn’t want to get in.

It took some pretty skilled maneuvering, even in a kayak to get through these areas that were so tight.

We headed back out to find an area where we could stop and get out and have our packed picnic lunches.

We found the perfect spot!

I thought the turquoise water was especially pretty through here.

It was so hot that day and it felt really good to just jump in! I hate cold water but this water was the perfect temperature! It was cool enough to cool you down a little but not at all cold.

Jeb jumped in too!

We enjoyed our packed lunch and then kayaked back towards where the car was parked. Lake Powell is so massive and has so many of these little inlet canyons (some of them miles and miles long). Our next plan is to come back and do an overnight kayaking trip!

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