“K” is for Key Lime Pie

For our “K” date we decided to make key lime pie together from scratch. We both like key lime pie a lot but had never cooked it ourselves before. (Don’t get me started on how bummed I was that I didn’t actually get to try any key lime pie when we went to Key West Florida!)


To be honest there really wasn’t much to this recipe, so Jeb did most of the work while I took pictures! 🙂


This date provided to be more about “K” is for kitties than it was “K” is for key lime pie. Beamer really wanted to be involved and to help (or at least to eat the food!) Also, Jeb had a really silly sunburn from wearing a sweatband when we did our half marathon.


Being a good kitty now and just watching!




Our finished pie out of the oven! Pretty yummy! We actually needed it to cool fast because we were headed to bed soon and wanted to try it, so we actually stuck it in the freezer so that it would cool faster. I wasn’t sure if this would work or would just ruin the pie, but it actually worked just fine.


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