Iowa State Fair

On our trip to Iowa we went to the state fair. The Iowa state fair is always a big deal on election years because political candidates tend to go to it to meet with voters. Unfortunately we weren’t there during an election year, but we figured it was still worth checking out.

One of the things the Iowa state fair is known for is weird food (specifically foods on a stick). We had fried oreos, fried twinkies, cookie dough bites, jalapeno corn dogs, and (I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit), several other unhealthy foods lol!

As is typical with lots of fairs, there were tons of rides. This one even had a ski style chairlift going from one end of the fair to the other. Because you know, after eating fried EVERYTHING, you definitely wouldn’t want to get a little bit of exercise by walking around the park! lol.

We went to the fair for a few hours in the evening and then a few hours again the next morning before having to leave to drive home. In case this trip wasn’t unhealthy enough LOL, there are tons of the restaurant Pizza Ranch in Iowa (a pizza and comfort food buffet that we love). We might have ended up eating at Pizza Ranch twice on this trip. 😉

Iowa does have a pretty neat looking state capitol building, especially at night when it is all lit up.

The next morning we took time to see all the cute animals at the fair. These pigs were so cute. Snuggling!

So fluffy! I wanted to pet everything, I didn’t want to have to wait for just the petting zoo area!

Finally made it to the petting zoo area! These animals must get fed way too much from people buying food to feed them non-stop all day long. Because we got some and we couldn’t even get the animals to eat it haha.

He looks so happy to be pet!


Me petting the alpaca. I LOVE alpacas!

We almost ran out of time to see the butter sculpture! But at the last minute we remembered that no trip to the Iowa state fair would be complete without seeing the famous butter sculptures! I can’t believe they melt this thing down and reuse the butter year after year. At least it’s not wasteful I guess…

The Iowa State Fair is definitely an experience… I can’t say it’s the most flattering glimpse into what it is to be an “American”… haha

We definitely had a fun (and gluttonous) trip to Iowa! 🙂

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