Idaho Trip

On our trip to Idaho to climb Mt. Borah, in typical Jeb and Amy fashion 🙂 we tried to fit in as many other sites as we could while we were there.

One place we for sure knew we wanted to see was the Shoshone waterfall, near the city of Twin Falls.

We were pretty bummed though when we got there. This waterfall is called the “Niagara of the West”. It is actually 45 feet taller than Niagara falls. We had seen pictures online of it that looked spectacular, it was a huge waterfall. Unfortunately for us they were doing some kind of construction and I guess restoration process through there, so they were temporarily diverting the flow of the water. Normally the water covers the entire area of rocks all the way around in a horseshoe shape, not just in one area. It was still a pretty place but somewhat less spectacular than what we were hoping for.

The Snake River canyon itself was still pretty and we happened to hit it right with a nice sunset.

Next we headed over to the Perrine Bridge. The highway actually goes over this bridge to cross the canyon. It is 486 feet above the snake river.

Pretty sunset over the canyon!

Selfie, if only these people hadn’t walked right into it!

On the drive home we stopped at a gas station that had alpacas at them! It was pretty sad that they were there because they hadn’t almost no room to move and were just trapped in a really small space.

They were however, very cute. 🙂

We made it back from a long road trip to Idaho feeling accomplished for successfully completing the Idaho High Point, braving whitewater rapids in an inflatable kayak, and having seen a lot of beautiful places in a state that we had never been to before!

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