Ice Climbing

After our honeymoon we headed back to Ouary, Colorado for the Ice Climbing Festival.


We signed up for our first real ice climbing class. Jeb was first to climb because I was pretty nervous. Not because I am afraid of heights but because I am afraid of people watching me be bad at things!

DSCN0593 DSCN0592

Jeb made it pretty high up!


Next it was my turn to try!

DSCN0610 DSCN0609



We had a ton of fun in our classes, and can’t wait to try again next year.


Also while we were in Ouray we did some hiking.


Jeb said we would be fine without our snowshoes. This proved to be a decision we regretted in the areas with knee deep snow.



Later we went ice skating, and had the rink all to ourselves- this was a first for both of us!


It was snowing super hard, and pretty difficult to ice skate with several inches covering the rink. But so pretty!


Our last day there we went back to the ice park and watched the professionals compete. This was crazy to see and very impressive. As the place we got engaged, Ouray will always be a special place for us. We plan to continue to go back at least once or twice a year!



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