Ice Climbing in Iceland

As part of our glacier walk excursion, at the end we also got to try ice climbing. We were very excited because we had never ice climbed before.


It was hard to get started on this wall because there was a lot of snow and softer stuff at the bottom that has been chopped up too much. Plus, we weren’t very good lol.



Even here the ice was so pretty because of its bluish color.


Look how high up Jeb was!


We later learned when we went to Ouray how much easier ice climbing is when you actually have mountaineering boots on. Mountaineering boots are stiff, so when you kick into the ice and then put your weight into the spikes with your heels out in the open air, the shoe stays stiff and supports your weight. Instead with our regular boots, the shoe would bend and you would slide forward towards the ice.


It was still fun trying it out. We were glad we had booked the trip that also included this opportunity.


This ice tunnel was right next to where we ice climbed. We had fun walking through it and taking pictures while we waited our turn at the ice climbing.


This was our first full day in Iceland, and also our first taste of what the weather would be like. By the end of the day we had been rained on for hours, our clothes had soaked through, and we were freezing! We knew we were going to have to get better at making clothing decisions and layering if we wanted to survive the rest of the trip.


After our trip my overall takeaway was that visiting Iceland in your lifetime is optional, because I’m sure it really isn’t for everyone (plus the weather sucks) but I think everyone should try to visit a glacier sometime in their life! There was really nothing quite like it!

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