Huron Peak: 14,010 Feet

For our final 14er of our 2nd summer season in Colorado, we hiked Huron Peak.


Because we don’t have a 4 wheel drive car with a high clearance we had to park a lot lower down the mountain than the main trailhead. We camped near our car the night before to get an early start. Thank goodness this really nice man from Michigan offered us a lift to the trailhead when he passed us walking on the road. Since we knew we had such a long day ahead of us we took him up on it! He was a pretty interesting guy. He comes to Colorado for one week each year and hikes as many 14ers back to back as he has time for.


It always makes my day when we see mountain goats! We only saw one goat all day on Huron, but he was still pretty cute! 🙂


They always look like they are smiling. To me they are the cutest animals ever, and Jeb almost ruined this by pointing out how huge their balls are lol. Now it is hard not to notice that, and that is a lot less cute!


He almost looks guilty, like we caught him doing something he shouldn’t be!


Huron wasn’t as difficult of a 14er as some of the others we have done, but the view sure was spectacular up there!


I loved the turquoise colored alpine lakes that you could see from the top.


We made sure to take our pictures at the top with the Which Wich sandwich bags, because they give you a free sandwich for every 14er you do!


img_2984  img_2987

Unfortunately we hiked up a little bit faster than our Michigan friend and we were back down significantly before him. I was hoping someone else would be nice and give us a ride back to our car, but sadly no one did 🙁 It is always tough when you have to hike further than what most people are doing!


On top of our 8th 14er! Not bad for only two summers in Colorado so far.


Huron was a really pretty hike, and we really enjoyed it because it was so much less crowded than any of the front range 14ers.

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