Horseback Riding in Iceland

Although I’m not a huge fan of horses and Jeb hates them lol, we were really excited to see the Icelandic horses. They are a lot smaller than “normal” horses, and in my opinion also a lot prettier.


These horses were just along the main “highway” and so our bus stopped so that we could take pictures and pet them.


This one had such a pretty mane!


Jeb reluctantly agreed to pet one. He will tell you he doesn’t like horses (which is true) but then even bigger, stronger emotion is that he is scared of them. Scared if he is petting them, close to terrified when he is riding one! lol.


He’s all grins here so it couldn’t have been that bad!


Look it is almost sunny out here!


You can really tell here how much shorter they are than the horses we are used to seeing here in the states.



Right by the horses here we got to see the huge volcano that erupted in 2010. This was the one that when it erupted it disrupted air traffic across Europe because it canceled hundreds of flights because of the ash in the air.The name of this volcano is Eyjafjallajokull. In the show we went to at the Harpa called “How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes” they showed a hilarious video montage of newscasters trying to pronounce its name. They then proceeded to teach us how to say it. I can still pronounce it mostly correctly, Jeb not so much haha.


Here is a plaque that was by the road showing what it looked like when it erupted. I LOVE volcanoes, and if I could have been far enough back to be safe I would have loved to have seen it blow up!



Also on our trip we went horseback riding. Jeb reluctantly agreed to do this just to make me happy 🙂 Considering most of our relationship consists of me doing thing where I am terrified/bad at, it was a really good time for me to watch Jeb struggle with something. I mean that with nicely as we have both had a lot of good laughs about this experience.


Another traffic cone type outfit. It poured down rain while barely above freezing the entire time we rode. Needless to say we were glad to have the outfits.


Looking around at all the horses and wondering which ones we would each be assigned to for riding.



This should give you some indication of what our horseback riding time would be like: my horse a pretty light colored one was a female named Daisy, Jeb was given the 2nd largest male horse named… Dragon LOL. We referred to his horse later as Nicky Minaj because of its dark body and super light colored hair haha.


Jeb tried to assert his dominance over Dragon but from the very first moment it was a loosing battle. Dragon didn’t do anything Jeb wanted him to do.


Jeb had to have a bigger horse because he is not small, however, this was not good for someone that is afraid of horses because it meant he had a much more aggressive animal.


This is a blurry picture of my horse trying to nuzzle up to Dragon. So cute!



Once it was time to actually ride, Daisy just fell in line with the other horses. I held on to the reins for stability, but other than that I never touched them the entire time. She knew exactly how to follow the other horses and where to go. Dragon on the other hand wanted to be the leader of the pact. I couldn’t actually ride next to Jeb because the second we started Dragon took off and didn’t come back haha.


Even with “little” horses I thought it was still tough to get on and off of them without having any experience with it!


On my horse and ready to go. You can tell just from looking at the horses how hard it was raining!


I had a lot of fun riding them. I even (despite all of his struggles) got Jeb to reluctantly agree to ride horses with me once every 5 years or so if we are somewhere cool where there is a legitimate reason to be riding horses! 🙂


A soaking wet Daisy.


When we got back I told Jeb to wait to get off until I had a picture of him on Dragon. (Because I was never close enough to him the entire ride to get a picture) Unfortunately Dragon raced back into his pen thing and Jeb had no choice but to get off of him right away haha. So instead I had Jeb pose for a picture with my horse lol.



Inside the place they had a sign that said this:


Jeb liked the dog they had a lot better than his horse!


After this they gave us coffee and snacks, which we were so happy to have to warm up. We were very thankful that we were headed to the Blue Lagoon hot spring next, as we desperately needed to warm up and get out of our wet clothes!

Horseback riding was a ton of fun in Iceland and I am really glad we did it. But if you ask Jeb he may tell you a different thing 😉

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