Hawkeye Point

It’s probably not too often that people from Colorado head out for a fun weekend in Iowa… lol

But we had a high point to do! Plus we had always heard about how the Iowa state fair was basically the mother of all state fairs haha – so we decided to do them both in the same weekend!

Although the Iowa high point is just a flat place in a field, it is actually pretty nice. The town has put a lot of time and money into making Hawkeye Point a pretty nice looking high point.

These signs were really neat to me. They point in the direction for each of the other 49 high points, and then they say the name, elevation, and distance to the high point.

There was just a lot of stuff there! Several different structures and things. There was even a campground at the park too, but no one was camping there haha.

Although this high point wouldn’t normally be that significant, it was a little bit of a big deal to us because it was high point number 25 for us! Halfway there! We did our first high point (together) labor day weekend in 2013, so 4 years later we are halfway done!

So many license plates from all over the country!

This sign thing was pretty funny. When we first got there we were the only ones at the high point, so we actually had to set up our tripod just to get these pictures lol.

Close up of us, a little different than our usual selfies!

Of course right after we finished taking all these pictures with the tripod, a van of people rolled up. You are never alone at state high point for too long!

It’s only appropriate that Rainier would have been number 24, and number 25 (the big deal one) would be flat field lol. A little symbolic of the variety there is from one state to the next!

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