Hanging Lake

On our way back home from Moab we stopped in Glenwood Springs to hike Hanging Lake. Jeb and I had been here before but we wanted to take Natalie and Bret.


Unfortunately Natalie always seems to have bad luck because whenever she hikes to pretty lakes it seems to be overcast and not very sunny. Hanging lake is still pretty even like this, but it isn’t quite as spectacular as when the sun shines on it and brings out the colors of the water.


I still love how turquoise the water is.This was Natalie and Bret’s first time ever in Colorado, and we were excited to show them something from our home. 🙂


The hike up to Hanging Lake is a short but steep hike. It is also always very crowded since it is so popular. Natalie was definitely not used to the Colorado altitude, but she still did well.


Jeb and I really want to come back and do this hike in the winter! We’ve seen pictures online and it looks so beautiful.



The sun came out a little tiny bit just for a few minutes, so I tried to take one more picture before we headed back down!


We definitely spent too much time on this detour, because we didn’t get back to Denver until almost midnight! But it was definitely worth it to show them Hanging Lake. 🙂

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