Hanging Lake- Winter Hike

Ever since Jeb and I hiked to hanging lake in the summer, we knew we needed to come back and see how beautiful it would be in the winter.

This is definitely one of the most famous hikes in Colorado, and probably the most popular waterfall hike in the state.

We were on the fence about whether or not we would need snowshoes or not. Instead we took our microspikes. This ended up being the right decision because the trail is heavily used and so the snow was packed down and not deep at all. It was however very icy!

We saw some people hiking it without any form of traction devices. They didn’t have too bad of a time getting up the trail but coming back down looked pretty miserable for them! We have definitely been in that boat before, and it’s not a fun place to be!

We also saw some people standing on some snowy rocks really close to the edge of the water. That was definitely not a smart decision, because if you fell in the water it was very deep and I’m sure it is super cold.

It wasn’t the prettiest sunny day but I did get my wish of seeing hanging lake look snowy and partially frozen.

This was actually our 3rd time doing this hike so I think we are probably good for a while 😉

Looking pretty serious in his Gortex clothes and microspikes!

It was really nice to be up at the lake with a lot less people. I think there were 3 other people up there with us, but in the summer there can easily be at least 50 people around the lake.

It might look cold out but we got very sweaty on the short 1 mile steep hike up!

Looking out down the canyon, this is definitely the 2nd prettiest spot along the hike.

Definitely glad we finally had a chance to see Hanging Lake in the winter! Looks very different than during the summer, but I loved how turqouise the water still looked.

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