“H” is for Half Marathon

I finally completed my first half-marathon! Jeb has done one before, but this was my first time. As someone that is far from naturally good at running, I consider it a pretty big accomplishment!


I was pretty nervous before the run started. We signed up for the “Slacker Half Marathon”. It is called this because you descend 2,000 feet over the course of the 13 miles. However, it was far from easy! The descent was not consistent, so there were plenty of miles that were still either flat or somewhat uphill.


We really enjoyed this run! It was well organized and had lots of aid stations with water, gatorade, and snacks. And then there was free Tommyknocker beers at the end and free hot dogs!


This is our finisher medal for the run.


We also got awesome long sleeve athletic material shirts for the run!


I said that once I had accomplished a half marathon I was never doing one again, but now I’m not so sure!

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