Great Basin National Park

After our time at Zion National Park we headed over to Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Great Basin is the 10th least visited park in the national park system (based on 2014 numbers). It was crazy to me to realize that they only get around 100,000 people per year versus the 10 Million that the Great Smoky Mountains gets.


After driving through the flat basin to get the park we were in awe of how big the mountains were here. The tallest peak, Wheeler is a 13er.


We took the scenic drive up to the trailhead for Wheeler peak. It was 90 degrees at the visitor center and probably 25 degrees colder up at 10,000 feet.


IMG_4715  IMG_4723



When we thought of “Nevada in June”, snowshoeing did not come to mind. But thank goodness we had our snowshoes with us (because we thought we might need them for Humphreys- the Arizona high point).

IMG_4730 IMG_4732

Prior to putting on our snowshoes we were punching through snow that was up to our hips!



Snowshoes are always so much easier to hike uphill in than come down in. On our way back down we both had our fair share of slips and falls on our butts! Once Jeb would fall and smooth out the snow behind him, I had to avoid his tracks otherwise it was completely impossible to not fall in the same spot!




We spent the night camping in Great Basin and we were thrilled to have a spot by the creek where we could fall asleep to the sound of rushing water.


Great Basin may not get the number of visitors that other parks get, but it was definitely not without its charm. It has one of the darkest night skies of any of the parks. Despite the fact that we didn’t get a photo of it, we saw the milky way and tons of stars!

Read about the Lehman Caves at Great Basin!

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