Grand Tetons National Park

So I have to confess that literally all we did at the Grand Tetons was drive through and stop at one place to take pictures. We were in a hurry to get from Yellowstone to Arches/Canyonlands, and just didn’t have time to do anything substantial at it.


At least it was a pretty day, and we did stop at a very picturesque location!


We will definitely have to come back someday in the future and actually spend a few days at the park.


Our logic for the trip was that we only had a really short amount of time, and we wanted to maximize the time we spent at places that were most different from Colorado. So Yellowstone and the Utah parks ranked higher in this regard than the Grand Tetons.


Maybe someday Jeb and I will even climb the tallest of the “Grand Tetons”, if we feel like braving some rock climbing fears and challenges!


Sometime Jeb and I hope to go back here and ski in Jackson,Wyoming and see this park in the winter.

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