Goblin Valley State Park

On our way out to Utah/Arizona weekend, we camped at Goblin Valley State Park. I had tried before to get a reservation here but it was full, this time we lucked out!

This was our view from our campsite! I really liked how the campground was just right in the middle of all the neat rock formations.

We got there after it was dark, but the next morning we explored a little bit before hitting the road.

This is a pretty cool looking overlook of all of the hoodoo formations. Jeb and I had a different name for the shape of the rocks… lol but I won’t say here what we called them! 😉

We then headed down from the overlook to get a closer look.

Even as early as it was in the morning it was still already very hot out. We didn’t know it yet (since this was our first destination of the trip) but it would end up being a VERY hot and sweaty trip… I guess that’s to be expected in Southern Utah in July!

Jeb with the rocks!

My turn!

Rock selfie! (I’m pretty sure I use the world selfie in almost all of our posts lol).

Looking out towards some of the other rock formations further off in the distance.

I always like the color contrast when the rocks have the white section like these ones below.

Another cool aspect of this park is that is gets very dark at night since it is so far from everything. On a clear night this would definitely be a good place for pictures of the stars!

Not a cloud in the sky that morning!

Glad we finally got to check out Goblin Valley State Park!

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