The 3rd and final national park that we visited on our south east trip was the Smoky Mountains. Since Gatlinburg is just outside the park, we stopped there as well.

I was excited to do my first ever moonshine tasting! This was one of the places on our trip that was the opposite, Jeb had been before but I hadn’t. We went to two different moonshine distilleries in town. They both had tastings for $5, but if you purchased a bottle then you didn’t have to pay the tasting fee. So we ended up buying Salted Caramel Whisky at Ole Smoky, and Hazelnut rum at the second place.

It’s almost dangerous how much you can end up drinking there for so cheap! We met this strange guy at the second distillery that comes down (from 4 hours away) to Gatlinburg like once a month and just drinks at these places over and over again… He was pretty odd but at least friendly.

There were also a lot of real neat looking hotels in town, but of course we were camping because it’s the only way we can afford to travel so much! Plus I definitely wanted to camp in a place as pretty as the Smoky Mountains.

Gatlinburg was the place in college that people were always coming down to drink and party at, and I never went lol. But now I can finally say I’ve been to Gatlinburg!

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