Fat Biking

The weekend after our wedding we decided to go fat biking. We finally felt like we had some free time again and had so much less stress. It also seemed really quiet at the house after all of our family and friends headed back to the east coast.


We went up to the Devil’s Thumb Ranch, near Winterpark in Colorado. It was a really awesome place. They had lots of trails for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking. And then it is also a resort so you can stay in the hotel or cabins and there are restaurants onsite and everything. We would really like to go back someday and spend the night there.


Early in the morning it was kind of cloudy and dark and very cold. But a little bit later the sun came out, warmed things up, and it ended up being a really pretty day for December in the mountains in Colorado.


We had heard of fat biking before and thought it looked like fun. I had this idea of it being this kind of cute magical experience where you ride your bikes through the woods on snow covered trails. The reality though, it was EXHAUSTING! It took so much energy just to ride at a slow pace, going uphill was nearly impossible for me. We probably didn’t go very many miles that day because it was so tough. Downhill was awesome though 🙂


One time we were going up a hill and I couldn’t make it up and stopped. This turned out to be the worst decision ever. It is always tough to get going up a hill in the middle of it on a bike, but this was basically impossible. You almost couldn’t even pedal hard enough or fast enough for the wheels to get turning enough and actually get enough friction to have forward momentum. What would happen was you would go pedal, pedal, pedal as fast as you could, and then tip over off the bike and fall in the snow. Since the snow off of the trail was very deep, we got pretty wet haha.


Despite its challenges, it was a lot of fun and we would love to try it again someday. We just need to be in extra good biking shape ahead of this time!


Since it is at a cross country ski resort the trails are rated with the “normal” skiing ratings. Greens. blues, and black diamonds. We could definitely do the greens on the fat bikes. The blues were incredibly difficult (because these involved a lot more uphill) but we at least attempted them. We didn’t even get to the point where we could try a black diamond. Maybe I will add that to my weird list of goals to do (like ski biking a black diamond- not to be confused with fat biking, because with ski bikes your bike is actually on skis).


This was my favorite part here, coming around this corner and going down the hill. Riding down hill was really thrilling because it was easier yet slightly terrifying because you can’t ever come to any quick stops when you are riding a bike in the snow!


The funny thing about fat bikes is, as cool as it would be to own one, I think they are actually fairly impractical. At least for snow. Because you wouldn’t want to be riding one if there wasn’t snow (since they are way heavier than a normal bike) yet the snow has to actually be packed down and hard. They can’t ride in deep snow at all. So they basically only work at nordic centers. However, I would love to try riding one in the sand at the beach, or even in mud.



We rode past these cows, that were so adorable! I have seen a lot of snowy fuzzy cows in Colorado, but I think these might take the cake for the fuzziest cows I have ever seen! I wanted to pet them 🙂


Such an amazing view!


Afterwards we warmed up by this fire, and that helped a lot. Could have used a hot chocolate (especially with the cookie dough liqueur that I love!)


This was a really fun day! We were glad to have tried a new Colorado winter activity. We still have so many things to try on our winter/snow bucket list!

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