Fall in the Mountains

While my dad was in town we decided to drive to the mountains to see the fall colors. Since he loves photography this seemed like the perfect activity. We got lucky and happened to hit it exactly right to see the colors when they were at their most vibrant.


We were on our way to Aspen but we stopped here because it looked to amazing to not stop and get some pictures.


This is a rare picture of us in the mountains because we are not sweaty, my hair isn’t up, and no one is in athletic clothes! You might even say we look kind of nice 😉


The water was sparkling in the sunlight and the aspen trees were glowing a bright yellow color. We always complain about how we miss fall on the east coast, because there are so many more colors out there, but this turned out to be really pretty too.


The maroon bells in Aspen are such a popular location that you actually have to park in Aspen, and pay to ride a shuttle bus to be dropped off at them.


It was definitely worth the money to come here.



Finally at the maroon bells. This is one of the most iconic places in Colorado, and supposedly the single most photographed place in the state. Also, it is a super difficult 14er apparently.


These reddish rocks look so neat next to the bright yellow trees. I guess it makes sense that in Aspen, Colorado we would see a lot of aspen trees!


Here are a few more pictures we took of the trees while walking around. We got there kind of late and we had to hurry because we almost missed the last bus back! It would have been a long hike back to town.





It may be a super ritzy uppity town in the mountains, but it sure was beautiful in the fall! We could not have lucked out with any better timing for when we went to see the fall colors with my dad.

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