Fall – Halloween 2016

Instead of doing a bunch of little posts, I decided to hold off and do one post of all things Falls and Halloween related. This year Jeb tried to grow a garden in our backyard, unfortunately the only thing that grew was pumpkins. Fortunately for me though, pumpkins are my FAVORITE food!


We cooked a ton of meals with the pumpkins we grew. All you have to do is stick the pumpkin in the crock pot with a little bit of water in the bottom and it cooks perfectly. One of our favorite meals that we cooked new this year was pumpkin lasagna. It was really delicious!


We also made a really yummy fall salad with pumpkin dressing. It was also special because the wine that we made in our winemaking class was finally ready to drink. So we also got to enjoy it with our meal.


We finally have a Trader Joe’s near us and Jeb and I made the mistake [was it really a mistake? πŸ˜‰ ] of discovering all of the pumpkin products they had there. We literally bought just about everything pumpkin they had. But it was so much fun getting to try everything!


The cats always enjoy our Halloween decorations. Though unfortunately part of their “enjoyment” sometimes consists of trying to destroy them!


On October 1st, literally the first day we thought it was reasonable to decorate, Jeb and I went outside and decorated our house for Halloween.


A lot of our lineup was similar to last year, but we got a few new things. The lights going up the banisters are new.


The front driveway area of the house.


Probably our favorite addition was our green witch projector lights. You can’t tell from this picture but the witches “fly” around over that portion of the house. We liked them so much we have already bought 2 different ones for Christmas πŸ™‚


Unfortunately it eventually got too cold and our pumpkin plant died (though we got almost 20 good ripe, orange pumpkins from it before that happened). We decided to use the ones that didn’t fully grow as decorations.


Here are some more of the pumpkins we grew! I like the tall one.


Captain likes pumpkin too! We accidentally discovered this when we turned away from the kitchen for a minute with an almost empty can left sitting on the counter. We came back and Captain’s whole face and whiskers were covered with bright orange pumpkin! Since that Jeb always gives him a little. He truly is a Halloween cat!




This year Jeb also made me pumpkin french toast (3 times) it was so yummy I couldn’t get enough of it!


One time Natalie was over Jeb was chopping some wood and she wanted to give it a try. I figured this counted as kindΒ of a “fall activity”.


Jeb and I rode bikes down to the Chatfield Botanical Gardens and went to their corn maze.


The goal is to try to find all of the farm animals in the maze.


We never did find the last one…


I wore my corn earrings for the occasion! It was so sunny and hot that day for mid October. We got really warm riding our bikes up all of the hills.


We took this picture up on top of the raised platform that they have in the middle of the maze. It didn’t help us find that last missing animal!


Instead we just kept finding this one over and over again LOL.


Natalie bought Aurora this shirt, I thought it was pretty cute πŸ™‚


This was her costume for her 1st Halloween!


Jeb and I made these for part of our “Y” yarn craft date.


And this was the other portion of that date.


Natalie, Jeb, and I all worked on these brownies for our party. And we were pretty proud of how they turned out!


Bret was a hipster for Halloween. Natalie was Malificent from the movie Sleeping Beauty. We all thought it was pretty funny since Maleficent spends the whole movie trying to kill Princess Aurora haha.


Jeb and I went as a cowboy and an Indian.


The next day we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park. And as expected we saw a TON of elk.


Our favorite part though was that for the first time we actually got to hear them live up close making their bugling sound. It was so AWESOME!


Jeb and I did a lot of fun activities this fall! But we are ready for ski season and Christmas festivities to start up as well. πŸ™‚


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