Cross Country Ski Lessons

Jeb and I have been cross country skiing 3 times prior to this. First at the Frisco Nordic center, 2nd in Walden at state forest state park, and 3rd when we did our yurt dinner. We finally decided it was time to take a lesson.

I felt like with cross country skiing we needed to take a lesson since neither one of us knew what we were doing with it. With downhill skiing Jeb was able to teach me so I didn’t need a lesson. But with Nordic skiing it is almost all about the technique and being able to be more efficient, so this is what I wanted to learn.

Jeb and I would like to buy cross country ski gear this summer, since it is lots of fun, good exercise, and relatively cheap compared to so many of our other hobbies. I told Jeb we couldn’t spend money to buy the gear until we took one lesson to get a little bit better at it.

We took a 75 minute private lesson together at the Frisco Nordic Center. We lucked out with a really beautiful day. It was over 60 degrees and insanely sunny. We saw people skiing in shorts, and despite our best sunscreen efforts, we both ended up a little burnt…

The Frisco Nordic Center is a really nice place. They have a lot of good trails and the views of the mountains and the reservoir are amazing.

Despite only taking one short lesson we actually learned a lot. We at least know more now of what it is supposed to look and feel like when it is done correctly. Now we just need to practice a ton to get better at it. I really love cross country skiing (even though I’m not great at it) because it can be as good of a cardio exercise as running – and yet it is so much more enjoyable (to me) than running!

We are definitely going to buy the gear this summer so that next year we can go a bunch of times. When we go stay at the cabin with my family we want to have our own gear so we can just go off and ski whenever we feel like it.

Someday the goal is to live in the mountains and in the winter be able to just step out the door of our house and go cross country skiing! Groomed trails near the house would be really nice too, but I don’t know if that will be realistic! lol.

We are actually good enough now that one ski comes off of the ground when we ski like it is supposed to haha! Also we know we are getting better because Jeb didn’t fall backwards and hit his head a single time today! Going down hills with these super narrow skis still scares me though…

Unfortunately I think the cross country ski season is just about over for the season here in Colorado (at least at lower elevations), but we can’t wait till next year! 🙂

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