Crested Butte New Years

Jeb and I decided to spend New Years in Crested Butte this year. This is one of the few major towns in Colorado that we still hadn’t been to yet so we were excited to see somewhere new!

This year we bought Loveland Season Ski passes and part of this package included 3 days of skiing at Crested Butte. Crested Butte lift tickets are pretty expensive, so this made our season passes a pretty good deal.

We booked a hotel in Gunnison because it was only like $65 a night instead of several hundred dollars a night. As a result it was about a 40 minute drive to Crested Butte, but the whole drive was really pretty!

We saw so many cabins along the way that we would LOVE to rent and stay at sometime with my family. I bought Jeb this hat for Christmas because he wanted one like the grey one I have on in the picture. Now we both have good hats that cover our ears better.

I thought this view was kind of neat with the skis and snowboards in front of the mountains.

At Crested Butte they do snow cat sleigh rides. So you ride in the back section that is pulled by the snow cat and it takes you up to the mid mountain area for a very fancy dinner in a warm cabin. Jeb and I have ridden in a snow cat before, and we have done a sleigh ride dinner (pulled by horses) but we have never done a snow cat sleigh ride. We would love to try this sometime! Maybe for an anniversary or special occassion since it is pretty expensive.

The sunset over the mountains was really pretty on New Year’s Eve.

Around the ski area they had a whole bunch of different ice sculptures. There was also a fire pit back behind this one, so it looks like the ice horse is breathing fire haha.

Another neat ice sculpture.

It was so cold that evening we needed to sit by the fire and warm up for a little while before the torchlight parade started.

Getting ready to celebrate the end of another great year together!

Prior to the torchlight parade there was a “glow worm parade” that kids could participate in.

You can see the kids all skiing down the mountain with their glow sticks. It was pretty cute to watch them all coming down!

That top section of the mountain in the picture below is actually part of the ski resort. It wasn’t open for the season yet when we were there, but it looks pretty terrifying to me!

Finally time for the torchlight parade.

The ski instructors and ski patrol from Crested Butte all ski down the mountain in a parade while they carry torches that light up the mountain.

Jeb and I saw a torchlight parade on Christmas Eve in Telluride in 2014, but this was the first time we had seen one with fireworks going on at the same time.

We had a lot of fun watching the parade and fireworks, and I probably posted too many pictures of it 😉

Jeb and I try to do something different every year to celebrate New Years. We have attended a New Year’s ball before, done a dinner at the top of A basin, and even watched the whole city fill with fireworks last year on New Year’s Eve in Iceland. It is always an adventure for us 🙂

I read online that at Monarch mountain they also do a torchlight parade on New Years, but I think that one lets regular people participate in it, as long as they sign a waiver. Jeb and I are going to have to check that out sometime because it always seems like the people skiing in these parades are having so much fun!

In 2016 Jeb and I accomplished one of our dreams of climbing Mt. Hood, I ran my first half marathon, we became Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeb when our adorable niece was born, we went on so many fantastic trips together, and we celebrated our first year of marriage!

Happy New Year!

Jeb and I started 2017 off right with a fun day of skiing at Crested Butte. I even finally got the ski lift selfie that we always talk about taking but never seem to remember to take. Jeb had the camera tied around his wrist so that he couldn’t drop it off the lift!

They also have an “ice bar” here on the mountain.

Jeb and I stopped and had a VERY COLD beer haha. After seeing some other people order hot drinks I was pretty jealous, that would have definitely been a much smarter idea!

See the ice on the bar?

In 2017 we plan on doing our first backcountry ski hut trip, going back to Ouray for some more ice climbing, a trip to Texas to Big Bend National Park, a road trip to California, a trip to the east coast to visit some of the southern states, many more trips, AND we are going to work our butts off to hopefully be able to summit Mt. Rainier! Please stay tuned for another year of many more adventures to come! 🙂

One thought on “Crested Butte New Years

  1. Sherry Brako

    Love the pics and your comments! They make me feel close to you guys even when we are miles apart!
    Can’t wait to see you guys when you come over here to see the SE states.

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