Crater Lake National Park

Our last stop on our Oregon trip was at Crater Lake National Park. At this point on the trip I was very sick so everything was a little bit of a struggle, but I didn’t want to miss out on such a pretty place.


We chose to ride the shuttle boat out to Wizard Island (the little island in the middle of crater lake). My overall impression of this excursion was that it is worth it because it is the only way you can get to Wizard Island. But the company that runs it (there is only one company) is horrible. They showed up an hour late for the time when we were supposed to check in and get our tickets. And then when they dropped us off on the island they told us be back at a certain time. Which everyone was, because who wants to be stranded out there on that island… and then they were again an hour late to pick us up. So we could have had a lot more time to hike and explore 🙁


There were 2 hikes to do on Wizard Island. The first one we did was over to Fumarole Bay. There are no longer any active fumaroles there but it was still a nice view.


The moss on the trees was glowing in the sunlight.


These are the boats that we took over to Wizard Island. It was about a 20-30 minute boat ride. But first you have to hike down 700 feet from where you park your car because there is no road that actually goes to the lake. Also, if you want to go down to the water, this is the only hike that does so. (Cleetwood Cove)



Super cute little ground squirrel!




IMG_5328  IMG_5330


IMG_5333  IMG_5335


We then hiked the 600 feet of gain to the top of Wizard Island.


Since no other boats are allowed on it, water was always so calm and perfectly undisturbed.


The crater at the top of the island. Wizard Island was actually a smaller volcano within the larger volcano of crater lake.




I was so sick and not happy to be in a picture but I attempted a smile!



IMG_5351   IMG_5354

Waiting for the boat to show up…


After we rode the boat back and hiked back to our car, we then drove to some of the other overlooks to try to get a good picture from the top. It was pretty crazy to us how much snow was still there in July.



IMG_5363 IMG_5370

From this spot you can see Wizard Island where we hiked at.



Our only picture together at Crater Lake!



We enjoyed Crater Lake and I think it is definitely one of the prettier National Parks. My only problem with it is that I don’t think there is as much to do at it as some of the other parks. Most people would probably be content just driving the rim drive and taking a couple pictures and then being on their way!

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