Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

For our 1st night of the trip we camped at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.

Jeb and I had been here once before, but we didn’t have much time to explore on the previous visit.

So this time we decided to go for some fun and sweaty 100+ degree, sand dunes hiking lol.

The dunes here aren’t nearly as high as Great Sand Dunes National Park, but the color is really pretty and they are still high enough to make you breathe hard to get up them!

As Jeb was walking up and I was about to take a picture of him, some guy’s very excited dog photo bombed the picture haha.

Headed up the biggest dune. Don’t fall off the ridgeline! lol.

This would be another fun place to ride ATV’s on the dunes. We saw a couple dune buggies out there cruising, and it looked like they were having a good time!

You can see one of the vehicles in this picture below.

Me with the sand dunes!

I still maintain that although very pretty they are closer to orange than coral pink… I guess coral pink makes for a better sounding name.

This was early in the morning, but boy was it hot already! If only I could have the look of the desert without the heat haha.

I like the look of all the footprints and tracks in the sand. I know some people prefer the look of the pristine untouched sand, but sometimes without the tracks you almost can’t tell any texture at all!

Definitely jealous of how many neat state parks (and national parks) Utah has!

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