Coloradan Luau

As we’ve mentioned before, we love going to the Arapahoe Basin Moonlight Dinner Series. (Hike up 1,000 feet of gain to the top of them mountain for a 5 course dinner from a world-class chef). The theme of this dinner was a Hawaiian Luau. So we wore our Hawaiian shirts (in Jeb’s case he wore my dad’s shirt that we had mailed to Colorado) and hiked up!


Dress + hiking boots might = my new style!


The calm before the storm: we started out our hike and it was cloudy but not too bad. Then it started snowing. About 1/3 of the way up dark clouds rolled in and then a bright flash of lightning and a super loud immediate crack of thunder. Then it started snowing harder with the wind blowing and a full intense thunderstorm right on us.

So we had to seek shelter in the trees even though that’s not great but better than being in the middle of a wide open trail! But then when we stepped off the trail to get into the trees the snow was super deep so I punched in up to my thighs and got soaked. We were worried about what to do, we were stuck couldn’t go up or down we were wet and getting cold fast from not being able to move.

Then it switched to full on hail on us. So we hunkered down for about 20 minutes then needed to get moving, so we would dart across the open areas as fast as we could from one section of trees to the next.


Finally got to the top and we were happy to go inside. They had actual Hawaiian dancers and awesome decorations.



A little sweaty but happy to be there!




Complimentary mai tais!


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