Cherry Picking!

One of the things we loved about the area around Mt. Hood was that there are so many breweries, wineries, cideries, and orchards. Jeb and I had never been together to a pick your own farm. Separately Jeb had picked blueberries before and I had done blackberries, strawberries, and tomatoes before. But neither of us had been cherry picking!


This particular orchard (The Draper Girls Country Farm) had a really beautiful garden as well, and an awesome view of Mt Hood.

IMG_4951     IMG_4956  IMG_4958  IMG_4961

There was a 5 pound minimum for picking your own cherries as opposed to buying the already picked ones, but then the price was less per pound for these. So we grabbed a bucket and got right to work!


CAUGHT IN THE ACT! I’m sure you’re not supposed to, but someone I know was eating some of the cherries as he picked them! He claims it was just to find where the good ones were at lol.


It was really pretty walking under the cherry trees and finding huge clusters of perfect looking cherries!


I had never heard of this kind of cherries before. They are called Rainier cherries and they are this yellowish color. They told us the darker the red patches on them the sweeter/better they would be. These were by far our favorite of the 3 kinds of cherries they had. Many puns were to follow about “cherry picking” not being allowed when we went to eat them lol.


Still a lot of bucket to fill there!



I stood on my tippy toes to get the very best cherries!



Jeb and I always joke that when we set out to do something that we think will be easy and will be cute, romantic, and magical – it never ends up that way. It usually just ends up being really hard or physically exhausting (examples: snow biking, cross country yurt dinner in the wilderness). But FOR ONCE something we did together was actually just romantic and cute!




Our full bucket of cherries- it ended up being 6.5 pounds! But wouldn’t you know, there were no cherries left by the time we drove home from Oregon!


We also bought peaches, nectarines, apricots, pear butter, AND cherry/pear cider! It wasn’t a cheap stop back to our campground, but we had a great time! I can’t wait for the next pick your own farm we go to together!


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